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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pyscho-Pass - Episode 1

Ohhhh... this looks like the next Cowboy Bebop! I was so excited to actually start on it, and boy, I wasn't disappointed. *^_^*

It is Inspector Akane's first day on the job, and she arrived to the crime scene where she was due to report, eager to be in the game. Only she didn't know that in real life, the game is played by a different set of rules compared to what was taught at the academy. She was given next-to-nothing instructions, and had to pretty much go along with the flow and figure things out for herself. To make matters more awkward, she is to cooperate with Enforcers who are basically criminals themselves but are under the command of the police force to catch other criminals.
This case is about a random guy who ran away after his Psycho-pass, an index for emotional stability and crime coefficency, was reported to be over the safe scale during a random check on the streets. He took a girl hostage and consumed by panic and a sense of helplessness, he ended up raping the girl. This caused the Dominator, a special gun which decides what best course of action to take on a target, to blow the guy into pieces for being a useless thrash and a threat to society.
But the situation took a twisted turn. The girl who was taken hostage has her Pycho-pass shooting over the stable scale too due to her fear and anxiety and now the Dominator wants her to be taken in. Sybil, the system behind Psycho-pass has decided that she was a potential threat. When the girl threatened to put herself on fire, the Dominator decides that she, too, should be terminated. Kougami, being a heartless stoic guy, was preparing to carry out the verdict without any qualms but Akane demanded that he do not kill the girl and ended up paralyzing the dude. She talked the girl to calm down and to throw away the lighter so that the gun doesn't kill her. Thankfully, the girl did and the gun changed it's decision.
But Akane's decision not to carry out the Dominator's verdict got her into trouble. Although she ended the case successfully and saved the girl, I guess she was starting to doubt the system's decisions.

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