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Saturday, January 25, 2014

World, Meet Noah

It's pretty late for introductions but if you've gone through labour, delivery, and postpartum recovery, you'll totally understand why and forgive the delay.

So without further ado, please meet my second prince, Megat Noah. *^_^* Born on exactly the same date as his elder brother, Dean, on 9th December 2013 at 1031am. I was right to hold Dean's second birthday party a little earlier than the actual birth date. I just had a feeling...

Labour with Noah is so much more painful than with Dean. I felt contractions around dinnertime the night before. Decided not to go to the hospital just yet because the contractions were still far apart. But, so much more painful than when I was having Dean. The contractions kept me up the entire night and finally when they were less than 10mins apart I woke up my husband and we headed off to the hospital. Also, I didn't want to get caught in morning traffic as it was a Monday.

Got to the hospital at 830 and they strapped me on the monitor. I was only dilated 1cm. Are you freaking kidding me?? The pain, if I compare it with having Dean was like when I was dilated 4-5cm already! My husband laughed it off saying it's because I've been boasting about having high pain threshold. I requested to unstrap myself from the monitor so I could walk around in hope of easing the pain. And I kept feeling like I needed to pee after each contraction. Finally, I just felt like I wanted to take a dump but the nurses said I need to call them for a check, so I did.

It turns out I was already 7cm dilated! So a panicked flurry of nurses went on calling for my obgyn who was at his other clinic in Tung Shin, they got me strapped to the monitor again, I panicked too hearing I was already 7cm dilated in barely two hours so I requested for the general aenesthetic. But my water broke and I was already feeling like pushing. Then the midwife came in, gave me a check and asked if I was ok to just deliver righr there and then. The baby was just coming too fast.

It ended up with me delivering Noah without any aenesthetics and without my obgyn who strolled in a few minutes later after all is done to give me some stitches and at only two hours after checking into the hospital. Needless to say, my husband was apologetic afterwards now that we knew why my contractions were so painful. I was dilating waaayyyy too fast.

So that's Noah's story. Oh, you're probably wondering how we ended up settling for Noah when the name isn't on our list at all. Well, my husband decided to shoot down everything I suggested and finally I just threw in Noah, a name I've always liked anyway. Since we have nothing better and we both like the name, we settled for Noah. ^^" The naming business is hard, I tell you.

This is Noah now, already lifting his head in just over a month.

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