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Saturday, January 25, 2014

World, Meet Noah

It's pretty late for introductions but if you've gone through labour, delivery, and postpartum recovery, you'll totally understand why and forgive the delay.

So without further ado, please meet my second prince, Megat Noah. *^_^* Born on exactly the same date as his elder brother, Dean, on 9th December 2013 at 1031am. I was right to hold Dean's second birthday party a little earlier than the actual birth date. I just had a feeling...

Labour with Noah is so much more painful than with Dean. I felt contractions around dinnertime the night before. Decided not to go to the hospital just yet because the contractions were still far apart. But, so much more painful than when I was having Dean. The contractions kept me up the entire night and finally when they were less than 10mins apart I woke up my husband and we headed off to the hospital. Also, I didn't want to get caught in morning traffic as it was a Monday.

Got to the hospital at 830 and they strapped me on the monitor. I was only dilated 1cm. Are you freaking kidding me?? The pain, if I compare it with having Dean was like when I was dilated 4-5cm already! My husband laughed it off saying it's because I've been boasting about having high pain threshold. I requested to unstrap myself from the monitor so I could walk around in hope of easing the pain. And I kept feeling like I needed to pee after each contraction. Finally, I just felt like I wanted to take a dump but the nurses said I need to call them for a check, so I did.

It turns out I was already 7cm dilated! So a panicked flurry of nurses went on calling for my obgyn who was at his other clinic in Tung Shin, they got me strapped to the monitor again, I panicked too hearing I was already 7cm dilated in barely two hours so I requested for the general aenesthetic. But my water broke and I was already feeling like pushing. Then the midwife came in, gave me a check and asked if I was ok to just deliver righr there and then. The baby was just coming too fast.

It ended up with me delivering Noah without any aenesthetics and without my obgyn who strolled in a few minutes later after all is done to give me some stitches and at only two hours after checking into the hospital. Needless to say, my husband was apologetic afterwards now that we knew why my contractions were so painful. I was dilating waaayyyy too fast.

So that's Noah's story. Oh, you're probably wondering how we ended up settling for Noah when the name isn't on our list at all. Well, my husband decided to shoot down everything I suggested and finally I just threw in Noah, a name I've always liked anyway. Since we have nothing better and we both like the name, we settled for Noah. ^^" The naming business is hard, I tell you.

This is Noah now, already lifting his head in just over a month.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Heartmelting Welcome Home

I went to work half day today, another stint with ISIS Malaysia, rapporteuring for the APRC Dialogue on Diversity, Diplomacy and Peace. Since the dialogue was held in the morning and at Putrajaya, I had to leave before Deano woke up.

Fast forward to the mid-day, I got back home from work to my baby waiting for me outside. He asked me to carry him so I picked him up and he gave me a hug and said, "Mommy tired". Awwww... I'll never be too tired for you baby. 

Having a kid really is the best! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Rocking Babymoon

Last week we went on a babymoon aka getting-away-from-the-maid trip to Penang Hard Rock Hotel. I have to say, we had a blasting good stay.

Firstly, the staffs were all friendly and cheerful. They promptly handled my last minute booking (I booked our room the midnight before the day we were making the trip) and in no time we were checked in and heading to our room. We got a welcome cake in the room waiting for us which Dean immediately dug in, having not have had his lunch although it was already late afternoon. He successfully left chocolate stains on practically everything during his exploration of the room.

The room I booked was the Seaview Deluxe which comes with a king size bed, a balcony and the usual. In truth, I expected the room to be more extravagant but it was very simple though very clean and I guess it being simple was something I should be really grateful for since I have a hyperactive toddler. It was very spacious too which was another plus point because Dean had no trouble running around and playing ball so he didn't get fussy staying in the room.


The first thing we did was order room service for lunch. Price was pretty standard room service price. Food was not bad but not great either. I love the fact that they had a kids set which comes with a main course, a dessert and a drink. So I didn't have to order adult size drinks for Dean and let him enjoy a bowlful of fruits after each meal since he loves fruits.

I took Dean down to Lil' Rock, a kids room at the hotel but it was situated past the swimming pool and Dean was more enticed by the water and slides. So I told him we can try the check out the beach since I couldn't let him into the pool without me and I couldn't go in without proper swimming attire which I can no longer fit into in my present state.

 After falling into the wave 

The beach is right past the hotel pool, clean but not a pretty sight. Well, it's as pretty as you can expect a mainland beach to be. There are some beach activities available but parasailing activities were frozen as there was a recent death. Dean had some fin running into ocean and up the beach. He fell splat into a wave and I thought that was that but he continued on screaming and laughing.

After that he pulled me back to the pool. I tried entertaining him at the water fountains and kids area as long as I could before sending an SOS to daddy to help bring him onto the slides. Pretty much our entire stay revolved around the pool, Dean simply loved it! If he wasn't on the slides, he would be at the shallow area playing with sand.

Our room came with breakfast. The breakfast spread is just so-so, nothinf to rave avout but it kept us full till lunch.

I managed to bring Dean to check out the kids room the next day but there's not much either. There's a slide, a crawling tunnel, a reading and art corner, and a tv area. There's activities every hour such as cooking class, language class, dance class etc everyday but dependable on whether there are any registration for the activities. And the activities are only for children aged 4 and above. Needless to say, the room lost its charm on Dean pretty fast.

Regardless, we had a rocking stay if ypu ask me. Just the pool was enough to entertain is for the entire time. The hotel is beautifully and artistically decorated so you can imagine the amount of pictures I forced Dean to take. Hahahaa. Before we left, we spent our RM200 voucher at the Rock Shop where they sold Hard Rock merchandises.  Each of us got a little something, including unborned baby brother. :D

I'd recommend that you book packages offered by the hotel. You can check them out at their website. I got the All You Want package which gives me RM100 voucher for each night stayed spendable anywhere in the hotel. There are a couple of other packages each offering its own perks. The room price if you book through their packages is not much different from Agoda rates as well, just RM50 difference for mine, which is made up for with the vouchers.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deliveries and Pain Reliefs

So, my husband's cousin just delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl. When I passed the news to my mom, she asked the common questions: what method of delivery ie c-section or natural, what pain reliefs she took... Then comes the snicker at her decision to take epidural. Even during my visit to the hospital, her husband, her brother, and my mom in law were taunting her for taking epidural. They said she was 'cheating'.

Why was she cheating? It's not like we mothers are trying to win a trophy for who-can-stand-pain-best. Even the concept of pain varies from one person to another. If I break an arm and you break an arm, do you think we would feel the same pain?

I think we're all missing the point here. What's important is that the baby is delivered safely and the mommy is also feeling as well as she can post-traumatic delivery experience. Yes, epidural or not. The delivery of a baby is traumatic, if not emotionally, physically. What's the point of trying to bear so much pain and in the end the mommy becomes too exhausted to push and the medical team has to resort to other delivery methods to get the baby out or the mommy becomes so exhausted after the delivery that she couldn't attend to her baby. Worse, I've heard stories from obstetrician friends that some mommies even refuses to push the baby out because they were in so much pain, risking the baby's life.

Medical technology is created to aid us and make our lives better. I have no qualms about anyone who decides to utilize its benefits. I don't care if a mother had a c-section or took whatever pain reliefs to help her give birth because frankly, delivery is nothing compared to what comes after the delivery: bringing up the baby.

Here's me and baby Dana, beautiful little thing ain't she?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Random Message in the Night

Just a few minutes ago I received this random Whatsapp text from an unknown international number. Even when I asked who it was the answer was pretty elusive, just a "your classmate from UUM", my former university where I did my bachelor's degree.

Secret identity person, thank you for this random message though. It was extremely sweet of you and it cooled me down from being irritated with the maid. :) I hope you will be blessed with beautiful children too, just as I am.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Problem with Google Accounts Mobile

I've been facing this problem since awhile back and never really got to finding out how to fix it. Well, couldn't be bothered is probably more like it. Somehow I just couldn't sign into my Google account from my phone. The page just kept refreshing/loading before I can even enter my password and that password error message would be displayed. Pretty effing annoying if you ask me. I couldn't blog because of that until I decided to try some blogging apps on Playstore. In the end, I downloaded Bloggeroid for some quick posts, though not as satisfying as blogging from the original Blogger page.

I was facing the same irritating problem just now trying to sign into my Google+ account and then it hit me to try stopping the page. So I clicked that little x button next to the URL box and voila! Problem solved. The page stopped doing that idiotic repetitive loading/refreshing thing and I managed to key in my password and click sign in. So now I can finally access my Blogger dashboard again. Phew. But facesmack to myself for not thinking of such a simple solution earlier than this. -_-

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my Muslim readers. Please remember to be safe for those who are travelling back to their kampungs or on holiday.

Too bad it also means the long weekend is coming to an end. I just had to rub it in. Heheeehe...